Life Sketch of Mrs RADHA

10475594_254140211443331_5001880746912250780_nMrs. Radha belongs to Bheel Community. From the childhood, she worked hard such as attending school, picking cotton and doing household chores. When she was in First Year ( 11 years education), she was married. Initial years after marriage were difficult for her because of different of opinion of wife and husband- One believed in struggle against discrimination while other was in fear of oppression. For continuing Education she faced many socio-economic challenges. She managed family, education, job and politics simultaneously. Her motivation and convincing skills worked out and her husband (after 18 years) became her supportive to eliminate discrimination against minorities .  She is mother of the five kids. RADHA is a case of courage and hope for other minority women. She narrates following story behind RADHA          

“Our mothers, who spent their entire lives behind veils (pardah), remained non literate and ignorant for so many years. They are discriminated at family and at societal level. Their male nutrion, education, having too many children,   economic dependency and un accounted labour hours forced me to think differently.”

From the childhood many questions raised in my mind which have never been answered. After passing the 30 years of my life as daughter. Sister, wife and mother I felt that I am also on the same path where my mother was and I am bearing all the same circumstances which was never welcomed by my heart & soul.

I struggled a lot for getting permission to stepped out from my home. I consider it my first success and then I did jobs in many organizations where I spent my time for women’s and minority’s rights, I experienced very satisfied when I work for such rural women but after few years I decided to move further and lead the deprived because they were led and educated by the majority . I expanded my social services on voluntarily basis. I have been awarded many times and my services for women and rural communities are appreciated at various forums.

I formed a team of professionals who works with me as volunteer through Rural Advancement Development and Human Rights Association (RADHA) and continued our services under the umbrella of our organization.